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We believe everyone needs the best possible information to be involved in their own health care. The trust and relationship with your own doctor will be enhanced and strengthened by the sharing of knowledge. This site is produced by doctors who share this vision and will work to provide a friendly and powerful resource for you.

Dr J D Martley -Editor

Editorial Board

Natalie Gauld Pharmacy Educator

Natalie completed her training as a pharmacist in 1988 and since then has had a variety of experience in community and hospital pharmacy, drug information and marketing of medicines, working both in New Zealand and the UK. She completed her Masters Degree in Pharmacy from Otago University, in 1998. She currently works in her own business in Auckland, New Zealand, specialising in medicines and health information for consumers and health professionals, including teaching.

Dr Dion Martley MBChB, FRNZGP Editor

Dr Martley is the founding editor of this website. After qualifying in 1984 at the University of Cape Town, he trained further in family practice in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, before starting in his own practice in Auckland, New Zealand. He has a special interest in the internet and how it will greatly enhance health care by the timely provision of high quality information.

Dr Logan Mclennan MBChB, Dip.Obst, FRNZCGP Family Doctor

Dr Mclennann graduated from Otago Medical School 1971. After a postgraduate course in obstetrics in London, he completed a Fellowship in Family Medicine in Miami. He works as a family doctor in his own health centre in Wellington, New Zealand. He has played a big role in the ongoing role of training family doctors. He has a special interest in the application of computers to the daily work of doctors and how the ready availability of information can help to swiftly bring the frontiers of medical knowledge to patients.

Dr Geoff Green MBChB, FRACP Specialist Physician

Dr Green graduated from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 1983. He worked in sole rural general practice for three years, prior to working in Auckland and Sydney, and completing his specialist training in care of the elderly. He has a particular interest in neurological diseases in the elderly, such as stroke and dementia. He has been involved in research into stroke disability, treatment of stroke patients at home, and prevention of elder abuse. He is involved in medical student teaching, the hospital medicines advisory committee, and is Chairman of the College Self Assessment Programme, an important part of continuing physician education.

Dr Paula Weadon MBBS(London), Dip Obs, FRNZCGP MBBS Family Doctor

Dr Weadon qualified at St Mary's, London in 1985 and completed postgraduate training in family practice in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. She works in her own practice in Auckland, New Zealand. She has special clinical interests in women's health and contraception.

Dr David Hough Radiologist

David qualified as a doctor in new-Zealand(Otago-1984).He then specialized in radiology,completing his studies at McMaster University and The Mayo Clinic. He has an interest in helping patients understand radiological tests. He currently works as a staff Radiologist at The Mayo Clinic.

Dr Ross Roberts MbChB, FRACS Surgeon

Dr Roberts completed his advanced surgical training in New Zealand and South Africa, after qualifying at the University Of Cape Town in 1983. He is a part time hospital consultant in Christchurch, New Zealand, and also works in private practice. He has special interest in anti-reflux surgery, biliary disorders and hernia surgery, with an emphasis on the minimally invasive laparoscopic approach.

Dr Catherine Cearns MBChB, FRNZCGP Family Doctor

Dr Cearns graduated from Auckland Medical School in 1992. She completed postgraduate qualifications in family medicine in New Zealand. Catherine works in family medical practice in Auckland, New Zealand. She has special interest in women's and child health, dermatology, and the delivery of health information to patients. She is actively involved in continuing medical education and the teaching of medical students.

Dr John Carter MBChB, FRNZCGP Family Doctor

Dr Carter graduated from Auckland Medical School in 1992 and completed his training in family medicine in New Zealand. John practices in a family medical centre in Auckland, New Zealand. He is a Clinical Senior Lecturer associated with the Department of General Practice at Auckland Medical School, and he has an interest in palliative medicine.