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A Wide Range Of Common And Debilitating Infections Are Covered Under This Topic.
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MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM - a patient's guide

Molluscum contagiosum are spots which look like soft warts. The condition is more common among children. This article discusses the problem and how the lesions can be removed.

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GIARDIA - a patient's guide

Giardia is caused by drinking contaminated water and can easily spread in day-care settings. This article looks at how to treat and prevent the illness.

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GLANDULAR FEVER - a patient's guide

Also known as the kissing disease, Glandular fever is more common during teenage years. This article looks at the symptoms, treatment and prevention of the condition.

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IMPETIGO - a patient's guide

Impetigo is a contagious skin infection that is mainly found in children. This article looks at treatment and prevention of the condition.

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DENGUE FEVER - a patient's guide

Overseas travellers are most at risk of Dengue fever which is carried by mosquitoes. This article outlines the symptoms, treatment, and measures to prevent it.

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